‘I Am Embarrassed’ by Greg Santos

I Am Embarrassed
I worry I say the word “sorry” too much.
I am quietly in love with you.
Sorry. That was uncalled for.
This is not going the way I originally planned.
I am probably worrying too much.
You’re probably actually okay with me loving you.
Maybe even blasé about the whole situation.
I can’t believe I used the word blasé.
Fuck. Sorry.
I hope I did not offend you.
I actually worry I don’t swear enough.
I think I worry about worrying too much.
I worry I spend too much time snacking.
I worry I spend too much time on my computer.
I’m sorry to say I ate the flavor packet from my ramen noodles and liked it.
Fruit flavored Gummi Bears do not count as fruit.
I drink too much coffee these days.
There’s a smudge on my glasses.
I try to clean them with my shirt.
My efforts just spread the smudge around.
I am typing this in a dimly lit room.
It is a love letter.
I heart u so much my glasses ache.


Greg Santos

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