Cybermyth Haikus by Virginie Colline


breasts full of pixels
manga Circe fills your void
exploding your brain

new Poseidon
riding the binary waves
virtual earthshaker

a breathless golem
not belonging here nor there
just stuck in the mud

zillions of zombies
Trojan horses in the dark
waging their attack

chained Prometheus
the eagle eats your liver
you gave us fire

evils flying high
Pandora’s box is open
hope at the bottom

Virginie Colline is a French Translator. You can read her latest poems in Blue Skies PoetryThe ApplicantMisfits’ MiscellanyMouse Tales Press and Spinozablue.

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One thought on “Cybermyth Haikus by Virginie Colline

  1. […] you remember when the internet was delivered on a horse and cart by a man in a cloth cap’ and haikus like ‘breasts full of pixels / manga Circe fills your void / exploding your […]

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