2 Love Poems by DeMauray McKiever

Essence of Jade


You’ll blame me for everything

I never did.

I’ll say you’re nothing

that I prayed you would be.

And after we punch each other

over the dinner table,

I’ll go in the backyard to stomp asters

and you’ll be in the front yard

burning bushes like God.

But, we’ll still be there

to hug each other

with are hands

poised to stab.



Fifty Percent


We can kill two birds with one stone;
wash the dinner dishes
and drown the baby in detergent,
But we must pay for a funeral.
We may walk at night
and destroy those against us,
but we are still forced
to run from suited men

who lack white faces.
Yes, the whole of our damage
will always be halved.


DeMauray McKiever

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One thought on “2 Love Poems by DeMauray McKiever

  1. bzniditch says:

    A perpetual motion of free spirited social reality.
    BZ Niditch

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