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‘image-a-nation’ by Anthony Ward


“Yes, I am obsessed with Natalie Portman, but No, I’m not that obsessed, and this is not just a poem about Natalie Portman but about our ever increasing influx of imagery which will one day saturate our brains until we’re all astronauts in  our armchairs.”

– Anthony Ward





I’ve collected a thousand images of Natalie Portman.

One day I expect to have a million,

hoping for a billion until my mind’s made up of just

Natalie Portman buzzing in my brain like static

trying to form a picture of Natalie Portman in her image


so that I can only see Natalie Portman

and nothing besides Natalie Portman

inverting my eyes until I’m blind from the outside

buried in my body disintegrating into oneness with Natalie Portman

Natalie Portman

Natalie Portman|*|


Anthony Ward

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Intertractive by Anthony Ward



Holy bit man,

The hole whirl is coming to a send.

Soon we’ll be having a byte 4 2 with remote consol,

Front row in the cpu (great fun with acronyms),

Staring in a moody with com.iscuous dat//er,

And after a phanplastic boregasm with miss.uk,

Prescribing the virtual stats,

With male heterosexual perspective: |(flash)|

44 Mb (Megabits)

SD (Sexual durability) – RAM (Ready And Maintained)

8.2 Gb (Great body)

U// stay,

Log U,

C: U tomborrow site.


Anthony Ward

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‘Listless’ by Anthony Ward



We’re no longer in the book

We’re in the phone

The bulk of the community

Stretched so thinly

It slips through

-rather than leans against-

The door.


Anthony Ward

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