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2 Code Poems by Theodoros Chiotis

 (“PoemsWithoutWords: a[i]nterior [i(nco)m]possibility” uses
html code and programming language. “VW5ib3hpbmc=” (“Unboxing”) uses
binary code and programming language.)

PoemsWithoutWords: a[i]nterior [i(nco)m]possibility



                 Words I</br>


                We    no      longer     have     but     these         words.

<!–                                                      ========


               We   no        longer    have   any   words


                 Words II</br>


               Our      words     belong    to      everybody

<!–                                                      ========



                 Words III</br>


int error = speakAMachineMagicTongue;

if (error)

fprintf (stderr, “Error: exiting…\n”)

exit (error)

               incurealies             animity          extrop        cryptorious     abilitecology

         Nonsense         words        are     now             swarming


<!–                                                      ========


across                                                   bodies

          We          scavenge        4      skin

                                                                      &      bones            anywhere

we        can       find        them.


                 Words IV</br>


              New         languages      are        the     skin

                                                                                            &    bones      of     new selves

<!–                                                      ========


        writing the eye             writing the I

           we       write          to          submit       the        world      into        repetition.

<!–                                                      ========


            We {exist} [n]code[d].

<!–                                                      ========


             We    write        to        create       the      conditions      for         what

     would        have             never              been        there:

<!–                                                      ========





     a ma(chi)n(e):

a prescriptive engagement

with the world

    misunderstandings & misreadings become interchangeable.


for navigating curves

        & curvilinear surfaces:

      Public Class LanguageProgram

          Public Shared Sub Main()

              Dim UserName, Answer, languages As String, NumLanguages As Integer

              Console.Write(“Who are you: “)

              UserName = Console.ReadLine()

              Console.WriteLine(“Hello {0}”, UserName)


                  Console.Write(“Do you need a new language: “)

                  NumLanguages = CInt(Console.ReadLine())

                  languages = New String(“*”, NumLanguages)



                      Console.Write(“Do you need more new languages? “)

                      Answer = Console.ReadLine()

                  Loop Until Answer <> “”

                  Answer = Answer.Substring(0, 1)

              Loop While Answer.ToUpper() = “Y”

              Console.WriteLine(“Goodbye {0}”, UserName)

          End Sub

      End Class

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