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‘Bank Job’ by P.A. Levy



Born East London but now residing amongst the hedge mumblers of rural Suffolk, P.A. Levy has been published in many magazines, from ‘A cappella Zoo’ to ‘Zygote In My Coffee’ and stations in-between. He is also a founding member of the Clueless Collective and can be found loitering on page corners and wearing hoodies at Clueless Collective




P. A. Levy

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2 Code Poems by Theodoros Chiotis

 (“PoemsWithoutWords: a[i]nterior [i(nco)m]possibility” uses
html code and programming language. “VW5ib3hpbmc=” (“Unboxing”) uses
binary code and programming language.)

PoemsWithoutWords: a[i]nterior [i(nco)m]possibility



                 Words I</br>


                We    no      longer     have     but     these         words.

<!–                                                      ========


               We   no        longer    have   any   words


                 Words II</br>


               Our      words     belong    to      everybody

<!–                                                      ========



                 Words III</br>


int error = speakAMachineMagicTongue;

if (error)

fprintf (stderr, “Error: exiting…\n”)

exit (error)

               incurealies             animity          extrop        cryptorious     abilitecology

         Nonsense         words        are     now             swarming


<!–                                                      ========


across                                                   bodies

          We          scavenge        4      skin

                                                                      &      bones            anywhere

we        can       find        them.


                 Words IV</br>


              New         languages      are        the     skin

                                                                                            &    bones      of     new selves

<!–                                                      ========


        writing the eye             writing the I

           we       write          to          submit       the        world      into        repetition.

<!–                                                      ========


            We {exist} [n]code[d].

<!–                                                      ========


             We    write        to        create       the      conditions      for         what

     would        have             never              been        there:

<!–                                                      ========





     a ma(chi)n(e):

a prescriptive engagement

with the world

    misunderstandings & misreadings become interchangeable.


for navigating curves

        & curvilinear surfaces:

      Public Class LanguageProgram

          Public Shared Sub Main()

              Dim UserName, Answer, languages As String, NumLanguages As Integer

              Console.Write(“Who are you: “)

              UserName = Console.ReadLine()

              Console.WriteLine(“Hello {0}”, UserName)


                  Console.Write(“Do you need a new language: “)

                  NumLanguages = CInt(Console.ReadLine())

                  languages = New String(“*”, NumLanguages)



                      Console.Write(“Do you need more new languages? “)

                      Answer = Console.ReadLine()

                  Loop Until Answer <> “”

                  Answer = Answer.Substring(0, 1)

              Loop While Answer.ToUpper() = “Y”

              Console.WriteLine(“Goodbye {0}”, UserName)

          End Sub

      End Class

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