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‘What it would feel like’, a Poem by Ella Chappell

What it would feel like

(a poem sourced from electro lyrics and a new scientist article)




Quiet heart, it’s a quiet heart, it’s a quiet heart.

If you’re falling in feet first, gravity at your head is much weaker than at your feet.

Hollow chest, it’s a hollow chest, it’s a hollow chest.

it also affects the light falling in around you – light from above your head is stretched out and shifted to the red end of the spectrum. Eventually it gets red-shifted into nothingness, so your whole view will be squeezed into a horizontal ring.

I don’t want to be Woody Allen in ‘Hannah and her sisters’ making a deal with god.

Close to the singularity, it appears that the entire three-dimensional universe is being crushed into a two-dimensional surface.

Somedays – white, sunless – the way hired light falls on a table, a wall, nearly without thinking, I know it.

Is there information loss? Is there information loss?




Once you reach its inner horizon, you see an infinitely-energetic flash of light from the outside world containing an image of the entire history of the universe.

Wait, synthesisers fade out,(whispering) yeah fuck my life, (a laugh,) this hurts so bad, this hurts my body, my arms.

but the visualisation assumes you have superpowers to survive it.

(A woman’s voice) wait, (a man’s voice) wait.

the flow of space turns around and you start to accelerate back outward. Instead of falling inward, space falls outwards at a speed faster than light.

You wonder into the bedroom. You’re drunk, we’ve done this before. You stumbled over like three seconds later and kick your boots on to the floor.

Soon you experience another flash of radiation, this time containing a picture of the entire future of the universe.

When beginning and end are interchangeable, I’d like to sign off the way I signed in, with innocence.

This time, a new universe appears, containing an image of its entire past.

My love for you will surely be the death of me.


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