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‘like if you remember’ by Adam Warne

Like if you remember


Like if you remember when the internet was delivered on a horse and cart by a man in a cloth cap who always took a sneaky look at our viewing history and we were always tucked up in bed by sunset.

Like if you remember making the internet out of two plastic cups and a fuzzy line of purple wool and Rupert Dog getting all tangled up and nobody ever felt sad.

Like if you remember the 70’s and dancing in a disco to the dj’s spotify playlist and shivering when you felt his sideburns touching the side of your face and so you got drunk and kissed the girl from the down the road with a hard wet kiss until the frame of her glasses snapped and it never did us any harm.

Like if you remember seeing King Henry’s relationship status changing on a daily basis and feeling too scared to like it and then one time it was your sister and you had to unfriend her because family isn’t always family.

Like if you remember the guy who was arrested for tweeting “all archers should die and go to hell” after the Battle of Hastings and the Norman soldier with his sword who stormed into the prison cell and the guy’s head was left looking like a struck orange.

Like if you remember all the things that ever happened between us and the way that time changed when we first got broadband in the olden days and everything was a sudden nowness.

Like if you remember the void and then God’s first tweet: “The Universe”


Adam Warne

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A Hypertext Facebook Poem by Ross Sélavy Brighton

omg Satan I WaNna LOve YOu

Daddy Dearest Be With My Friends Eating Rice Pudding While In A Depressing Time
Covering myself in Vaseline and crying naked in the dark Growing Antlers
I wanna love you are you ready I Don’t Give a Fuck Let’s go Hanging out in garages

Camping Party Hard Wow……..Your Quiet……….I Like Your Nude Garage
Teenage Dream Teenage Love Teenage Lightning

meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow im a noisy bi princess who wants to be owned


(Are You) The One That I’ve Been Waiting For, Scary washing machine.




Punching Moths Are You Ready




Goodnight MoonTop of Form

Goodnight Ouroboros



I Love Music You’re My Favorite Star

Top of Form





Lock me in your heart and throw away the key Throw It on Me I’m an Engineer


Dear President Bieber , i love you , I wanna love you are you ready , I love how you won’t talk to me anymore.




Top of Form

Lets Buy FAST Cars LOL Jus Chillin U Kno and Having a Good Time Hanging Out In The Nude

‎ ‎Nude Unicorn Sex lying starfish in my super kingsize bed OMG



Hanging Out in Airports

Top of Form

Hanging out in garages

Hanging Out In The Nude

hanging out with you

Nude Garage




wrighting poetry to get your feelings out I WaNna LOve YOu I wanna love you are you ready









chees Toast The Internet

Fans of Sex Face



There should be a relationship status for “i dont even know whats going on”






Bad at Sports

Smelling People Avocado Muffins



He Would Throw Stuffed Animals at Me When I Acted Dumb and Then Kiss Me a Million Times

Sometimes i just wonder, am i too buff?



I Dont Read

Jus Chillin U Kno and Having a Good Time






The Christmas House Of Unicorn Majesty And Lesbian Sex Den


Fuck college, I’m going to England to marry Prince Harry and be a Princess.

I throw my hooves up in the air sometimes, saying ayoo, I’m a goat bro.






U r awesome peace

OH GOD Ron Paul On My Lawn!







My Lawn I Set My Friends On Fire every day I m chilling Mountaineering In Antarctica On a Jet Ski






I bet Twi-moms can beat Twi-teens to 1,000 Rexona Men Inside my BUTTHOLE




Star Trek Ate Gaming On A Hill  Falling In Love with Jesus, Is the Best thing I’ve Ever Done!



Blessed Virgin Mary Fetish Porn Shop


Fuck Yeah Justin Bieber Flirting with Voldermort


Harry Potter is LIFE going on my friend’s page and likeing everything they liked Covering myself in Vaseline and crying naked in the dark I love it when you HUG me


My Son Violently fist pumping to Adele.


There is no word for love Only House Music


Passionate lover’s Eating celery naked whilst crying in front of a mirror.

Pump my ride Im glad i have a roof or i would be soaked I’m a Dolphin crying till im a cat princess


 Ross Sélavy Brighton

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3 Screenshots by Ben Beutel-Gun

Screen Shot 2012-03-25 at 11.43.34 AM

How well 2

How well

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