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2 poems by Frankie Sachs

— #1 —


Picking up Physicists 

by Frankie Sachs

(dedicated to CERN, with love)


Oh baby, I said,

is that a Proton Synchrotron Booster in your pocket

or are you just happy to see me?


How about we go back to my place,

he said,

and I’ll inject my beam.


I said, I wanna have your boson.


He said, the particles have to be stable


they are prone to decay.


I know precisely where we are.


— #2 —


A Poem for A Fish 

by Frankie Sachs


There is a goldfish following me

(on Twitter).


No less surreal for being

an employee of the Seattle Aquarium

pretending to be a fish

on the internet.


The fish said:

Hey Frankie, write me a poem.


If fish love poems

there should be more of them

on the internet.



(for  @LeonardGFish, who really did ask for a poem. It was not the strangest thing to happen to me that day.)


— end —


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