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Seattle Poems by Doug Mathewson


Forks, Washington is the setting for Twilight.

‘Themed rooms, themed menus, vampire get-away weekend packages…. amazing. There is not a lot else going on out there (except all the nature stuff). Seattle is a funny little city, young, trendy, painfully hip…but the rest is just commercial salmon fishing, logging, and Native American Reservations. The locals either roll their eyes (and take the vampire money), or jump right in.’ – Doug Mathewson.

Seattle Poems


Check in Desk Forks, Wa.


I said, “It doesn’t seem fair, you wearing a “Trainee” name-tag”.

“I know!” She said with a hugely theatrical roll of her violet eyes beneath the

great vaulted Cathedrals of her magenta eye shadow.

Dramatically she added, “I’ve been here almost a week!”


by-Doug Mathewson 



Pike Peaks Market  


Pretty Asian woman,

expensive raw silk dress.

Hair Gwen Stefani ‘40s Tsunami roll,

dyed sea-foam green.


by-Doug Mathewson



Belltown Five Points


Move to Seattle, let my bread grow long.

Get a small job,

find an anime girlfriend.

Write poems on transcendental spirituality,

and being green no matter cost.

Got it all covered,

sounds like a plan.

And I couldn’t do it for a minute,

so not the right man for the job.


by-Doug Mathewson




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