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3 Poems by John Rodzvilla

John Rodzvilla is the Electroinc-Publisher-in-Residence at Emerson College and the digital consultant to Ploughshares magazine.


The poems below were created through a modified game of Consquences or Exquisite Corpse where the participants are search engines using public domain content from digitized journals and books. These poems are part of a series of linked poems that developed through cutting and pasting search results.


9- arm of the master switch

Arm of the master switch. This bank consists of 10 pairs of insulated contacts. The upper row of 10 is multiplied with the corresponding release trunks, while the lower contacts are all connected to ground through the relay coil of the master switch. This relay is a double coil constantly energized, but wound so that the direction of the magnetic force, the middle line, is absent and the two side lines are circularly polarized in opposite senses.  Commonly it is thought that Justice and Injustice have but a single signification, inasmuch as the ideas implied therein do not differ vastly from one another. Terms only become apparent when the facts, which they represent, exhibit a palpable difference between one another. ‘Key,’ for example, is a term applied to the bone next to the neck of an animal, and to the instrument by which we fasten doors.


16-  the manifested voice

The manifested voice or the “Manifested Self-Existent One,” as by the active partic[ip]le, “She who contemplates” the voices or cries of men. And if so, it seems only reasonable to suppose that in the original the passive disc[ip]le was intended to have its real force: so that “Avalokitesvara,” or, in Chinese, “Kwan Tseu Tsai,” may very justly be rendered “the Manifested Deity.” This rendering is in absolute agreement with what is related concerning the peculiar attributes of this Bodhisattva, viz., that on being invoked by suppliants he manifests himself to deliver them. Hiouen Thsang relates how those who worshipped him, were rewarded by his coming out of the doors of his house; which no one will understand but of his dwelling-house. And it were ridiculous to think of ox, or ram, or lamb, or goat, coming out and up to nice stands. A large area planted to corn and later to be planted to peas. With cotton now coming up and beginning to grow, business is… like the magnet, drawing, by attraction, more and more railroads to center, there will be a diminution of tension towards the center, and matter will be precipitated into cosmic participles. The greatest precipitation will take place where the velocity is greatest and the tension least, namely the center of the vortex… the paths of all particles reaching any common point will be a common spiral.


18- common spiral

Like the common spiral shells of the sea-shore. Each individual consists of a central stem, round which a distinct leaf or wing is wound in the form of a screw or continuous spiral. On the edge of this wing, transom and upper part of the deck, represented by drawing of two horizontal lines for the upper and lower edges, leaving about two inches between the upper edge and lower edge of the wing, proceeded the Deadwood wasp hurriedly and wildly along the line of sweets until it reached the opening… In a little more than a minute from the time it alighted it was a safe prisoner within, buzzing and fluttering and stirring up the imprisoned flies. It made frantic efforts to escape–tried to climb the smooth surface, ever falling back till exhausted and powerless to move. And comprehending the situation, Deadwood Dick slowly backed his way out of the saloon, his revolvers still covering the crowd. But the moment he issues out into the gulch, he saw them spring forward triumphantly, and knew they counted upon an easy victory.


John Rodzvilla

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