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‘Ive Been Basically Sent to Cruise this Hotel’ by Robert C Holzhausen


ive been basically sent to cruise this hotel.

im cruising this hotel in flip flops.

Two blocks from here

on a street where city collectors
collect leaves for you

we built a radio flyer wagon
out of old schwinn bikes
and you said you liked it
better as bikes.

that was the summer
we became friends in june in michigan.
bubbles by a campfire.
icepops and malt liquor in june.

i remember the first dresser we painted in michigan.
sea foam.
your clothes are still in that dresser.

sea foam.

between the 2 of us
we had 7 pairs of pants
4 pairs of shorts
23 socks
and 4 legs.

we traded horses
on the horse ride that summer
and you were pissed
cause my horse had nicer flies

you traded me
rod beck’s rookie card
for a lemon square.
you stupid fuck.

we traded pez dispensers and pogs.
nobody won.


Robert C Holzhausen

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