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Two Poems by James Hand


James Hand is a young man living in California. He tries to write honestly. He has no formal education in creative writing, but simply loves to write. After he spend a day writing he feels rejuvenated and alive. Read his blog here.


internet religion

today i google searched ‘the bible pdf’


i crawled into my sink and watched the street

the black asphalt stretched into the sky

the sky lowered into the asphalt


i can count to one billion in three seconds




we are all little satellites

orbiting around an unlimited supply of pudding


or heroin


or kittens


or other stuff that makes us smile


there are satellites around earth

orbiting around us

pulled in by earth’s gravity

moving toward us slowly with each full orbit


we all live on a satellite

orbiting around a giant ball of gas

hot enough to burn us alive


one day

we will get an unlimited supply of heroin

and smile widely before we overdose


one day

satellites will enter earth’s atmosphere

and free fall toward earth in a ball of orange

and explode


one day

the earth will collide with the sun

and everything will turn to ash


but there will be more satellites

somewhere so far off we could not see them

orbiting around something

moving closer toward their parent bodies

waiting to reach them

and explode


James Hand

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