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Teletype by Craig Kurtz

Craig Kurtz lives at Twin Oaks Intentional Community where he has learned how to write poetry while  simultaneously handcrafting hammocks. Recent work appears in Out of OurRandomly Accessed PoeticsPenny Ante Feud, and others. His first record, The Philosophic Collage, 1981, was reissued by BDR in 2012. He has been a staff writer for Perfect Sound Forever since 2003.


to revoke ordinary time speed. Uncertain

procedure is destination w/o battery plunge.

Take primary route, try tangent minus all

containment. If it wriggles, don’t staple.


Teletype to instigate ancillary language.

Unmeasured observation corresponds

quickly w/ innominate sentience. Take

my pulse, it’s unconditional.


Teletype to contravene excessive

hebetude. Unrequired assembly to

divagate agenda recommended. If

it lurches, it’s time to listen.


Teletype to solicit ancillary

confirmation. Uncontained

alacrity will coadjute with tangent

sentience, route included.


Teletype to remediate time speed.

Uncertain observation recommended.

Correspond my pulse w /innominate

agenda, don’t staple.


Craig Kurtz

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