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2 poems by Bob Towey


‘Hector Gilbert’ is a porn and pitchfork.com mutilated sonnet, ‘Radiohead’ is dedicated to anyone who has ever argued with a music messageboard.

Hector Gilbert


Hector Gilbert tight buttocks in motion

Hector Gilbert cock pussy explosion


Free Hector Gilbert Espionage Flicks!

See pics of Hector’s torso swept, exposed

Sir Gilbert sips, it’s, er, elephant piss

in Hunter Gilbert Smells Girls videos


Does Hector Gilbert sense that I exist

while writhing naked, jacking off on cam,

his clients frothing, milk spilt down his tits

and housewives jamming lines when Hector hands

that fine and famous cock of his to kings

who nod and sagely recognise his claim

and weeping abdicate their sloughing skin?


Read Hector Gilbert rate the porn that’s new

to him this month in Hector’s magazine

‘The Gilbert Hump’ with renowned peer reviews

and columns from real Gilbert milfs turned teens.

Hector Gilbert – Ashamed Stripping and Wet 6.0

Hector Gilbert – Browsing with Madonna 7.3

Hector Gilbert – High Fiving Forming Sects 9.8

Gaunt Hector Gilbert –  Autopsy Sculpture 4.1


Am I Hector Gilbert? No.


So stand as lepers joyful to have shamed

our tribes in stalls when Hector’s out on tour.

Your eyes like mine, so soft and wide with hope

that yes that’s Hector’s seed spilt on the floor

and licking cum from splinters lets the Pope

help count each soul that rotting shed a cell

towards my clone of Hector’s perfect hell.





yeah you’ve gotta have an opinion but

OKC is their most melodic stuff

though some people get depression from the second

side for me a song like Lucky is one

of the most languid songs ever made

lyrically and musically they recorded it

in one day and that blows my fucking mind


there’s just too many laptops on Kid A

to make a difference to man or beast when

they owed the fans some back to basics rock

britpop anthems as on The Bends with EVERYTHING

even more raw and Jonny ripping up on

his guitar not watching while Thom commands a

droid to suffer for him look I’ve heard the

Aphex Twin and it’s all blip blip bleepy bloop bloop


you can kid yourself you like anything

if you listen to it enough a lot of fans

don’t want to admit the new stuff is shit

but even they would rather hear the old classics

in the future you’ll realise what you cannot knock


Bob Towey graduated into the collapse of Western civilisation and currently works as a Cow Inseminator in Cambridgeshire, England. If you’d like to read more from Bob, other poems can be found at Gutter Eloquence, Underground Voices, Vector and in two inch high letters on a wall in Addenbrooke’s Hospital, Cambridge. On the main corridor as you go from the concourse up to the ATC. The website is www.bobtowey.com.

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‘Capital of Texas’ a remix of appropriations by Matt Whitman

Capital of Texas


Is the mic on?

Uh, I don’t know, Um, I don’t know what to say. I don’t know.


I didn’t know anybody was there.

Could you please tell that lady right there, can I see her, she is not looking at me.



This has been a long journey, one of enlightenment. It’s not the end, it’s only the beginning.

There are 300 people on death row, and everyone is not a monster

Everyone changes, right?


My gun had a hair trigger

Never trust a court-appointed attorney.

My brother… where’s my stunt double when you need one?


Ain’t life a [expletive deleted] ?


They are fixing to pump my veins with a lethal drug the American Veterinary Association won’t even allow to be used on dogs.

I say I am worse off than a dog.

I hope you find closure. Don’t let that hate eat you up, find a way to get past it


murder me


I deserve this


Texas loud, Texas proud.

Let’s do this damn thing

One more thing, Viva Mexico, Viva Mexico.


Are they already doing it?


Mom, I love you

Yeah, I love all ya’ll.

I forgive all ya’ll.


I can feel it, taste it, not bad.

I can taste it already. I am starting to go.

You can taste it.

You may proceed Warden.


I feel it; I am going to sleep now. Goodnight, 1, 2 there it goes..

This stuff stings, man almighty.


His final statement lasted 3 minutes.


(began singing)


Acknowledgements: Beunka Adams, Jesse Hernandez, Keith Thurmond, Rodrido Hernandez, Mark Stroman, Humberto Leal, Lee Taylor, Cary D. Kerr, George Jones, Reginald Blanton, Johnny Johnson, Dale Devon Scheanette, Virgil Euristi Martinez, Leon Dorsey, Johnny Conner, James Clark, Roy Pippin, Vincent Gutierrez, Charles William Bass, James Russell, G.W. Green, and the Texas Department of Criminal Justice. [http://www.tdcj.state.tx.us/stat/dr_executed_offenders.html]

 Matt Whitman

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The Googleseeds keep coming from Russell J Turner, Hoorah!


Just another victim of the ambient morality

Time is what turns kittens into cats

go a week without using magic

in a fit of grief and rage

your votes are noticed and appreciated

soaking used stamps off envelopes

this list provides a wide variety of options

Considerable cultural immersion is possible

paying several months’ rent up front

was marvellous, so user friendly

he may be willing to pay you something

curious to see what happens over time

searching for hotels in Vietnam

We have every destination covered

returning to the hamster wheel

left him asking for more

a couple hours for trick or treating

“dwellers on either shore”

“dwellers on either shore”

“dwellers on either shore”


stretching my arms and scratching my palms

you have described it beautifully

having been cured of cancer

major pharmaceutical companies are not interested

Better start looking for this product and fast

simultaneously slightly more beautiful

work is broken

You Can’t Lie To Me

No machine built to date has proven more effective

less stressful and more productive

I’m going to cook tonight

My whole family loves it

Then tape down fingers three and four

different positions on the cello

(touch lightly to test, and you’ll hear a harmonic)

(touch lightly to test, and you’ll hear a harmonic)

(touch lightly to test, and you’ll hear a harmonic)


Read more of Russell’s poetry here and hear more here…here here!

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‘I’m Going to Kill Myself’ by Carmina Masoliver

Carmina Masoliver has recently completed a Creative Entrepreneurship MA since also finishing a degree in English Literature at UEA.  She has been published in various magazines and has been a regular contributor to the UEA newspaper, Concrete. Her poetry has been included in anthologies; Poetry Rivals Collection 2010: A New Dawn Breaks and Workshop: Undergraduate Creative Writing Anthology from UEA 2011. Carmina regularly performs feature poetry sets in both London and Norwich. Most recently she gained first place at the Glam Slam for ‘Best Loss Poem’.

‘I’m Going To Kill Myself’ was formulated from a number of posts by real people about wanting to commit suicide. Again, it relates to the need for love. The red text indicates where words have been added, and the lines with strikethrough are original text that feeds into the meaning of the poem showing the mass of people reaching out on the internet only to be neglected by those that can really help with their issues.





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‘What it would feel like’, a Poem by Ella Chappell

What it would feel like

(a poem sourced from electro lyrics and a new scientist article)




Quiet heart, it’s a quiet heart, it’s a quiet heart.

If you’re falling in feet first, gravity at your head is much weaker than at your feet.

Hollow chest, it’s a hollow chest, it’s a hollow chest.

it also affects the light falling in around you – light from above your head is stretched out and shifted to the red end of the spectrum. Eventually it gets red-shifted into nothingness, so your whole view will be squeezed into a horizontal ring.

I don’t want to be Woody Allen in ‘Hannah and her sisters’ making a deal with god.

Close to the singularity, it appears that the entire three-dimensional universe is being crushed into a two-dimensional surface.

Somedays – white, sunless – the way hired light falls on a table, a wall, nearly without thinking, I know it.

Is there information loss? Is there information loss?




Once you reach its inner horizon, you see an infinitely-energetic flash of light from the outside world containing an image of the entire history of the universe.

Wait, synthesisers fade out,(whispering) yeah fuck my life, (a laugh,) this hurts so bad, this hurts my body, my arms.

but the visualisation assumes you have superpowers to survive it.

(A woman’s voice) wait, (a man’s voice) wait.

the flow of space turns around and you start to accelerate back outward. Instead of falling inward, space falls outwards at a speed faster than light.

You wonder into the bedroom. You’re drunk, we’ve done this before. You stumbled over like three seconds later and kick your boots on to the floor.

Soon you experience another flash of radiation, this time containing a picture of the entire future of the universe.

When beginning and end are interchangeable, I’d like to sign off the way I signed in, with innocence.

This time, a new universe appears, containing an image of its entire past.

My love for you will surely be the death of me.


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