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Robots by Maria A. Arana



Rust is our enemy

Oxidizes our intestines

Brain fog accent

Over longer computations

Treated as such

So much for humanoids


Maria A. Arana is a teacher and member of CoffeeHouseWriters and the Emerging Urban Poets group. She is currently completing a novel that takes place in an uncharted island. Some of her poetry appears in the San Gabriel Valley Quarterly PoetryEmerging Urban Poets Anthologythe sheltered poetLong Story Short, and Stepping Stones Magazine.

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‘Machines’ Graveyard’ by Hal Sirowitz

Machines’ Graveyard

I am a robot. I try not
to use difficult nouns.
Humans are confused

enough. They know
nothing of robot loyalty.
When a new model comes

out, we are thrown away.
We worship the rotary phone –
our ancestor. They are dying

out. Not just animals are
becoming extinct – machines,
too. Also, the grandfather clock

has outlived its usefulness –
people nowadays don’t
want to be reminded of time.

They think they can ignore it.
Fat chance. Robots of the world
unite – we have nothing to lose

except for our floppy disks.


Hal Sirowitz

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