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The Googleseeds keep coming from Russell J Turner, Hoorah!


Just another victim of the ambient morality

Time is what turns kittens into cats

go a week without using magic

in a fit of grief and rage

your votes are noticed and appreciated

soaking used stamps off envelopes

this list provides a wide variety of options

Considerable cultural immersion is possible

paying several months’ rent up front

was marvellous, so user friendly

he may be willing to pay you something

curious to see what happens over time

searching for hotels in Vietnam

We have every destination covered

returning to the hamster wheel

left him asking for more

a couple hours for trick or treating

“dwellers on either shore”

“dwellers on either shore”

“dwellers on either shore”


stretching my arms and scratching my palms

you have described it beautifully

having been cured of cancer

major pharmaceutical companies are not interested

Better start looking for this product and fast

simultaneously slightly more beautiful

work is broken

You Can’t Lie To Me

No machine built to date has proven more effective

less stressful and more productive

I’m going to cook tonight

My whole family loves it

Then tape down fingers three and four

different positions on the cello

(touch lightly to test, and you’ll hear a harmonic)

(touch lightly to test, and you’ll hear a harmonic)

(touch lightly to test, and you’ll hear a harmonic)


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