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‘I’m Going to Kill Myself’ by Carmina Masoliver

Carmina Masoliver has recently completed a Creative Entrepreneurship MA since also finishing a degree in English Literature at UEA.  She has been published in various magazines and has been a regular contributor to the UEA newspaper, Concrete. Her poetry has been included in anthologies; Poetry Rivals Collection 2010: A New Dawn Breaks and Workshop: Undergraduate Creative Writing Anthology from UEA 2011. Carmina regularly performs feature poetry sets in both London and Norwich. Most recently she gained first place at the Glam Slam for ‘Best Loss Poem’.

‘I’m Going To Kill Myself’ was formulated from a number of posts by real people about wanting to commit suicide. Again, it relates to the need for love. The red text indicates where words have been added, and the lines with strikethrough are original text that feeds into the meaning of the poem showing the mass of people reaching out on the internet only to be neglected by those that can really help with their issues.





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