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4 image poems by Joseph Tate

Joseph’s poems appear in E·ratio, Yemassee, The Oregonian and other publications. He edited the Music and Art of Radiohead and has published and lectured on Shakespeare and prosody. He has also exhibited paintings at the University of Washington.

pity managing daisies

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Dirge by Mark Leci


I forget when it was

that all the letters became evenly


when the wordsallmergedtogetherandicouldnotfind




whenthe music soregular and thudding

all the white keys vanished

a kick drum dirge

whenIforgot how to remember you

as more than a collection ofpixels

a tiny map of lightandshade


ina make-believe gallery

perhaps everything driftedupwards

growing lighter

or I simply sankwhile

the lifeboats spiralled awayaboveme

shading bluerbetween ripples

gravity grew strongerandstronger

until it kept evenmythoughtsfromrising


thanIcouldhopeforreasonto do so




Mark Leci

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A Diagram by Michael Lupi










The Point at Which Irony Becomes Hyper-Irony and Then Levels Out Into Sincerity Again

Michael Lupi

Michael Lupi’s poems have appeared or are forthcoming in PANK, Counterexample Poetics, and The Paterson Literary Review. He lives and works in Northern New Jersey, where he teaches high school students.

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Anakron #3 by Florence Bocherel


Read Anakron #1. Read Anakron #2. Read Florence’s blog.

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Anakron #1 by Florence Bocherel

Reality is the only entity and dreams do not exist. Every unconscious mind is controlled by an obscure technologically advanced matter –



See Florence’s blog here

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Florence Bocherel’s Graphic Novel Anakron, serial starts Tuesday



See more of Florence’s work here, Florence has been published in Department zine, Our Day’s Encounter, In Parentheses, Right Hand Pointing and is forthcoming in Unsure if I will allow my beard, Cormac McCarthy’s Dead Typewriter, The Curiosity Cabinet and Lief Magazine. Post-asphyx, a graphic novel is due from Black Scat Books in 2013.

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2 Poems by Todd Webb





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2 Poems by James Sykes


The Things That Went Away Will Come Around Again

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‘Where’s Wally with Words’ by Thom James


Thom James is a British writer, he has been published in places such as Housefire publishing, Pulpit magazine, and is up coming in places such as Metazen, Side b Magazine, and Marco Polo arts mag. you may see his poetry readings around the uk- Sheffield, London, and Brighton. He’s also a writer/reviewer for Banango Lit and will be attending Goldsmiths College, university of London, to study English Literature in September.

 Where’s Wally with Words

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